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About PAWed

PAWed is a simple source code editor for GNOME2 which uses the feature rich Scintilla editor component. PAWed is made available under the GNU GPL license.

There has not been an official release of PAWed for a very long time now, although the latest work can be seen in the SVN snapshot.
There are many new features, and the current codebase runs on Fedora Core 3--my current distribution.
I will be looking at back-porting several of the new features, to enable there use on Fedora Core 1 and 2. I cannot see myself providing support for anything older, unless there is a real demand for it.


Derrick J Houy - main developer and maintainer.

As with all the projects on this site, all developers are welcome to join. Drop the maintainer a mail if you're interested in contributing to PAWed.


PAWed was originally written in Python, using GtkScintilla, but has now been re-written in C for GNOME2, since getting the original Pyhton code to run in GNOME2 was close to impossible.
The SVN server is often broken these days, but I will post a snapshot of the SVN code when it changes, which can be downloaded from the DOWNLOADS block on the right-hand side of this page.

Anonymous SVN Access (using Subversion)

svn co pawed-cvs/
2005-06-07 - Project moved to SourceForge
2003-04-07 - Release 0.2.3
2002-10-30 - Release 0.1.0
2002-10-25 - CVS updated
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